Monkey see a photo booth, monkey do take pictures!

These two Curious Georges found us at their friend's wedding a few weeks ago and couldn't keep their snooping at bay!  Hopefully the camera was a cool discovery...

We love getting to capture your moments from all sorts of events... weddings to proms to graduations, there's a lot going on in the spring and we can bring a booth to 'em all!  Give us a call today and find out how to Say Cheese at your next event. :)



Say Cheese on Easter!

Last weekend was so spring-y, wasn't it?  The weather was great, everyone seemed to be in a good mood, and the Easter Bunny came to town!  It looks like we caught a few shots of some of his helpers...

We sure had a blast with these "hoppy" families to help them celebrate Easter.  Redeemer Lutheran Church was a great host for some fun smiles and we're so happy Celeste Koscik reached out to bring us on board!  Thank y'all for a great Sunday celebration. :)

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Offering four difference worship service times each Sunday, Redeemer Lutheran Church believes in sharing community over a common Christian belief.  They work to provide a loving and welcoming environment to attendees, new and old.  The congregation sets goals for itself to improve their community, which they call "Vision 2020."  A major component of these goals is outreach to community improvement and showing love through acts of kindness - surely a great way to brighten up the city they worship in!



Have you booked a photo booth yet?

Well... if your answer was "no..." this is going to be awkward for a minute.

These guys know what we're talking about!  Just ask Debbie Sumner's wedding guests at Pecan Springs Ranch - whatever the occasion, you'll be bringing your event to the next level when you book us to help celebrate.  Photo booths and the photo strips you get to keep are awesome memorabilia for years to come!  Just give us a call or email today to talk about your next setup.  And thanks to Debbie for already making that call!

Pecan Springs Ranch

Originally purchased to be a family property, the owners have opened this piece of land to the public as an event venue for all to enjoy.  The goal of the decor and buildings is to remain as natural as possible - reclaimed wood as doors, an 1800's cabin that has been preserved, and every original fireplace from the first buildings located there.  Host a variety of events right in the main building, which uses salvaged pieces of wood from the recent Bastrop fires on the main trusses.  This venue truly works to bring out the beauty in all things, new and old.  Check them out and see how they can make your big day special!



Photo booth PDA

Okay, as much as people may complain about PDA (public displays of affection, of course!) this picture is way too cute.  And it's not super public if they're in a photo booth, right? ;)

Yeah, this is totally acceptable.  They're just spreading the love for their friends on their wedding day!  Cecily Grimmit had us at her wedding reception last weekend and it sure was a blast.  Green Pastures was a beautiful venue and clearly the guests loved the night, too!

Green Pastures

An Austin event venue for nearly 75 years, Green Pastures has worked to provide a unique experience to those hosting their events with them.  Anything from corporate events to weddings and receptions are a "go," and this venue truly is a gem!  They have an on-site restaurant that operates farm-to-table style and can serve guests anywhere on the property.  That takes care of your catering worries!  And, coming in 2018, the grounds will open a hotel as the first major construction to occur on the property in 50 years.  With this new amenity, Green Pastures will truly be a one-stop location for you event, no matter where you call home!



Wedding memories made in a photo booth!

The little one in this photo may not really "get" the whole wedding thing just yet, but man oh man does she know how to have fun with her momma!  Those animal props definitely help make this picture even cuter. 

Antebellum Oaks Wedding

This beautiful wedding was at Antebellum Oaks two weekends ago, and was a great celebration of love and good times.  Much laughter, much food, many awesome pictures!  Thank you to Morgane Le Marchand for calling us to join the reception for her special day.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness with your new spouse!

Antebellum Oaks

Working to "celebrate life events," this lovely venue is located in Lakeway, just west of Austin.  They offer a host of amenities ranging from both indoor and outdoor venues, spacious areas under large oak trees, and even staff on-site to help run your event.  Catering to a large range of celebrations is also a plus: they host weddings, fundraisers, corporate parties and more.  The convenient location that seems like an escape is perfect for your next large event, whatever that may be!  They even have an awesome parking setup.  Oh yeah.



Your company needs a photo booth!

The American College of Real Estate Lawyers, ACREL, knew this golden rule for their corporate event last weekend, and just look at how much fun they had:

Caitlin McIntire and Jill Pace co-planned this beauty of an event downtown at the Four Seasons and we've gotta say, they know how to keep their employees happy.  It was a blast to join in on the occasion and we're so happy to have had the opportunity to do so!

Four Seasons Downtown

Located in the heart of downtown Austin, this location of the Four Seasons hotel line offers superior location and stellar views to its patrons.  Offering close to 300 rooms, 28 of which are suites, you can be sure to live the high life as a guest here.  Deals like offering a third night free and credit toward relaxation amenities are simple bonuses that remind you how much the hotel cares about its patrons.  There is even a spa located in-house for you to de-stress when your means of staying there call for it!

As far as event hosting is concerned, Four Seasons will supply rooms and amenities for a variety of celebrations.  From corporate gatherings to weddings & receptions, there is a wide reach of reasons to consider them for your next event.  Their commitment to luxury and service is definitely top-notch!



Photo booths spread the love <3

Ahh, the spring wedding season is approaching and the love of it is in the air.  Of course, not everyone has their special day during the official "season," as Cristina Lally showed on hers last week.  Her male attendees seemed to be all about the spirit at the reception, though!

That's true friendship right there, if you ask us!  Le San Michele in Buda was a hit venue and we had a ton of fun bringing the "cheese" to the party.   Pun totally intended.  :)

Congratulations, Cristina, to you and your spouse.  Here's to a lifetime of happiness!

Le San Michele

Focusing on weddings and receptions, this venue just south of Austin is a beautiful European-style location to consider for your big day.  Though weddings are their focus, they host a range of events that include birthdays, quincea├▒eras, Greek life events, holiday parties, and brunches.  Their website gives a full list of events they're likely to cater to, and details the limestone buildings that have been designed to look European while still using that ever-abundant central Texas rock.  Give them a call today!



When you haven't booked a photo booth yet...

Argh, why haven't you called us yet?  You know your party will be taken to the next level with us around!

We're not just in Austin, either.  This photo is from the City of Pflugerville's "Volunteers are a Treasure" event in Pflugerville - and we travel beyond there to most of central Texas, too!  Clearly this gentleman got into the theme at Pfluger Hall and definitely had a better time than those of us who didn't have a booth in sight last weekend.  Guess you've learned the moral now: get to booking! :)

Pflugerville, Texas

First of all, the "P" is silent.  That's what you'll hear when you come to town trying to pronounce the word with both the P + F.  Second, you'll learn that this little town just north of Austin is expanding rapidly and isn't so "little" anymore.  They boast local festivals (or, as they'll write it, "pfestivals."  They like their silent letter!) and animal adoption as some of their top priorities on their city website.  The growth of Austin has meant that surrounding cities, like Pflugerville, have experienced a huge surge in growth and this town is one of the nicest around!  If you're moving to the Austin area, Pflugerville would be a great place to bring a family for the schools and community-building initiatives offered there.



This photo booth is a zoo.

How hard is it to keep the animals in their pens, y'all?  On the upside, now you really do know how much everyone loves a good photo booth! ;)

Hill Country Middle School sure had a blast with us last week at their party!  The kids always seem to have the most creative get-togethers for pictures.  It was smiles all around, thanks to Ana Holm's idea to call us in!  Thanks Ana and Hill Country!

Hill Country Middle School

One of Eanes Independent School District's awesome public schools, Hill Country Middle School works to provide a unique education to all who attend.  Their focus is excellence in the classroom as well as in character.  The principal states that they seek to "foster growth in a positive environment."  The staff works daily to ensure a broad range of preparation to be the leaders of tomorrow.  Go cougars!



All peace in this photo booth!

Camp Dare to Dream had a fantastic nonprofit event a few weeks ago, and clearly their patrons were all about letting the peace push those dreams to reality.  This kid has his props DOWN and is sending nothing but good vibes over here!

Barrett Krutsinger -  Austin Angels - 031817-A (2).JPG

Barrett Krutsinger chose to have this awesome day out at Camp Cypress and to call us up to join - such a good idea, and all had fun because of it!  Thanks, Barrett, for letting us contribute to a successful day in Buda.

Camp Cypress

A branch of the YMCA of Austin, Camp Cypress is located in Buda and offers a variety of outdoor events for the whole family.  From archery to campouts to special event hosting, Camp Cypress if definitely varied!  Their list of programs is extensive and leaves no one out.  If you're looking for a place where the whole family can be involved, this is definitely it!