Did anyone else read that title like the camel says it?  Our blogger sure hopes you did.  Because she's probably just bad at typing or you don't know your references otherwise.  

We're so excited to jump over the slightly-smaller hump of midweek with you today.  And these girls from Jodi Holland's child's 7th birthday party are here to tell you they're casting spells to make the rest of the week zoom by for you!

We love it when out customers get creative with the props they bring to the camera with them.  Those kiddos sure know how to triumph in the flash!  Barton Creek Resort must have had lots of fun hosting this goofy little bunch.  

This picture from a few weeks ago just makes us even more antsy to get to the good times with our upcoming events this weekend.  We hope you're ready to Say Cheese! and have a blast!