Ahh, the spring wedding season is approaching and the love of it is in the air.  Of course, not everyone has their special day during the official "season," as Cristina Lally showed on hers last week.  Her male attendees seemed to be all about the spirit at the reception, though!

That's true friendship right there, if you ask us!  Le San Michele in Buda was a hit venue and we had a ton of fun bringing the "cheese" to the party.   Pun totally intended.  :)

Congratulations, Cristina, to you and your spouse.  Here's to a lifetime of happiness!

Le San Michele

Focusing on weddings and receptions, this venue just south of Austin is a beautiful European-style location to consider for your big day.  Though weddings are their focus, they host a range of events that include birthdays, quincea├▒eras, Greek life events, holiday parties, and brunches.  Their website gives a full list of events they're likely to cater to, and details the limestone buildings that have been designed to look European while still using that ever-abundant central Texas rock.  Give them a call today!