The little one in this photo may not really "get" the whole wedding thing just yet, but man oh man does she know how to have fun with her momma!  Those animal props definitely help make this picture even cuter. 

Antebellum Oaks Wedding

This beautiful wedding was at Antebellum Oaks two weekends ago, and was a great celebration of love and good times.  Much laughter, much food, many awesome pictures!  Thank you to Morgane Le Marchand for calling us to join the reception for her special day.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness with your new spouse!

Antebellum Oaks

Working to "celebrate life events," this lovely venue is located in Lakeway, just west of Austin.  They offer a host of amenities ranging from both indoor and outdoor venues, spacious areas under large oak trees, and even staff on-site to help run your event.  Catering to a large range of celebrations is also a plus: they host weddings, fundraisers, corporate parties and more.  The convenient location that seems like an escape is perfect for your next large event, whatever that may be!  They even have an awesome parking setup.  Oh yeah.