Okay, as much as people may complain about PDA (public displays of affection, of course!) this picture is way too cute.  And it's not super public if they're in a photo booth, right? ;)

Yeah, this is totally acceptable.  They're just spreading the love for their friends on their wedding day!  Cecily Grimmit had us at her wedding reception last weekend and it sure was a blast.  Green Pastures was a beautiful venue and clearly the guests loved the night, too!

Green Pastures

An Austin event venue for nearly 75 years, Green Pastures has worked to provide a unique experience to those hosting their events with them.  Anything from corporate events to weddings and receptions are a "go," and this venue truly is a gem!  They have an on-site restaurant that operates farm-to-table style and can serve guests anywhere on the property.  That takes care of your catering worries!  And, coming in 2018, the grounds will open a hotel as the first major construction to occur on the property in 50 years.  With this new amenity, Green Pastures will truly be a one-stop location for you event, no matter where you call home!