Oh, prom season.  How we love the things you bring back for us!  All the beautiful high schoolers dressing up like that for the first time is such a fun experience.  These two will get to remember the night forever with their reel from last week!

Kimberly Germer thought right when she called us to attend San Marcos Academy's prom night.  The students came to Winfield Inn, all dressed to the 9's, and the booth was flashing all night!  Thank y'all for calling us to capture the evening.  You'll have these memories forever! :)

San Marcos Academy

Located in - you guessed it! - San Marcos, Texas, this high school is a college prep program with a Christian focus.  Students can board on campus or attend from 14 of the school's surrounding communities, creating a wide range of diverse backgrounds coming together to learn under a common faith.  Admission is by application only, but their website walks you right through the whole process!  Students or parents looking for a less-traditional schooling experience should definitely look into San Marcos Academy as a candidate if they agree with the ideals.  It sure looks fun to us!