...you know how it goes.  These guys look like they're confused about how they even got there.  But, ya know, the mask you choose maybe changes some things about your look.

Carlie Rhodes - 032517-A (2).JPG

We'd probably be thrown off if we were w Wookiee, too, though.  Whatever the case, Carlie Rhodes' wedding was definitely a trip to take down Memory Lane (hey - that was the venue!) time and time again.  We sure had a blast and it looks like the guests did, too!

Memory Lane

No, not the philosophical one.  The event venue in Dripping Springs!  They sure knew what they were doing with a name like this.  Founded in 2007, it quickly grew to be a hot spot for weddings, receptions, corporate events and much more.  The Hill Country location offers stunning views and property - so much so that it made The Knot's "Best of Weddings" list 3 years in a row!  That's just the start of their awards banner... just hit their website to see all the credentials backing this place up.  You can find them all over social media as well as directly emailing with questions!  This is a place you definitely want on your radar next time you host a big event.