These little chicas sure know how to wear their props right!  Not only that... look how coordinated they are with each other!

Rocking it, ladies.  And you sure look like you had as much fun as we did at Kayla Jolly's wedding in Georgetown two weekends ago!  Angel Springs was a marvelous venue and the reception was clearly a good time... we'll definitely take some credit for that part.  ;)  Thanks to Kayla for bringing us in on her special day - congratulations to you and Stephen!

Angel Springs

This lovely place is an event center in Georgetown, Texas, a few towns north of Austin.  Offering both indoor and outdoor setups, Angel Springs focuses on hosting weddings.  They offer a chance to tour the grounds with no appointment every Wednesday from 5:00 to 7:00pm - open house night!  The company is up-front with their rates and easy to contact... a major relief for couples searching for answers without having to travel all the way to the place or call around.  Which, by the way, is super easy anyway as all of the contact info can be found on Angel Springs' homepage as well!  The company values communication... kind of like a good marriage, no?  :)