If you think about it, weddings are a lot of quick changes throughout a day that involve a lot of complex pieces of clothing.  Especially for the women.  So like, were these ladies in the booth just replaying what they did all evening for their friends' special night?  Because they have completely different looks in each frame!  

Y'all only had a few seconds between each, what the heck?!  You must have been stellar at your job if you were part of the wedding party.  

Thank you, Shane and Kaleigh, for bringing us in on your special day to celebrate!  Your friends were a hoot, Camp Lucy was beautiful as ever, and we know you've got a life of happiness awaiting you.

Camp Lucy

Located in beautiful Dripping Springs, Texas, Camp Lucy is all about luxury at their venues.  Yes, there are multiple facilities on the property.  Offering anything from weddings to corporate events, this place works to bring the magic to whatever you need to plan.  There is a chapel as well as lodging on-site, allowing for ease of mind if you are coming to the Hill Country from far away.  You've got a place to stay and a church to be wed in, if you wish.  They boast a slew of recognition from many different organizations, including The Knot, for being stellar at what they do.  If you get a chance, get yourself out there for your next event!  You won't be disappointed in the location or the services.