Sad that SXSW is over?  Same here ladies, same here.

The Bud Light Booth at SXSW was us sneakily hiding with some beers to let y'all take pics... and what a fun time that turned into!  Just look at y'all saying cheese while still managing to drink in the process.  Troopers, you are!

Bug Light at SXSW

It's no secret that drinking is definitely a thing during South By.  I mean, come on.  Austin is great and we like great beers!  So Bud Light has begun doing special-edition cans specifically for the grand event in Austin each year.  They're always fun and colorful and we get hints about what they'll look like based on billboards around town before SXSW each time.  Our booth actually had a similar wrap around it on South Congress - where this shot was taken! 

Bud Light dives head-first into the festival, hosting showcases, giving out beers, and setting up pop-up fun stops like our booth.  Best of all, many of the events they sponsor are badge-free, meaning anyone can come join the party!  That's the spirit of Austin right there, y'all.