Sometimes it's hard even for us to tell...

But like, that means they love our booths, right?

Just look at those smiles... yeah, that's totally it!  Saying Cheese must just bring out the best in people! :)

When to call us

Weddings.  Birthdays.  Anniversaries.  Holidays.  Corporate events.  House parties.  Random days when you're bored and want something unique to enjoy.  

Does that give you a good idea?  ;)  

We believe any event, special day, or just ordinary fun deserves to have its memories captured in a photo strip.  These cute couple pictures are proof of what we can bring out in people: love, happiness, silliness, and a piece of the even that will last for years to come.  Give us a call today to snag a booth for your next get together - large or small!