"Birthday party" is a verb, right? ;)

Well, The Oasis out on Lake Travis in Austin knows how to do it right.  Heather Lucy Jenkins called us up to join in on the fun for her birthday celebration last week and we were not disappointed!  Clearly her guests weren't, either.  After all, how could you be sad in front of a photo booth?

We'll take a day on the lake with happy friends any day!  Thanks for calling us, Lucy!

The Oasis

Located on Lake Travis with its famous sunset view, The Oasis has been a staple Austin restaurant since it opened in 1982.  The sunsets did not go unnoticed and by 2005, The Oasis was the biggest restaurant in Texas!  Unfortunately, that was the year the famous Oasis fire happened and devastated the restaurant.  It managed to continue operating while remodeling occurred to fix the damage from the flames, and the owner ended up expanding the restaurant to an entire "Sunset Capital" experience.  It is now 4 stories, complete with banquet areas and entertainment facilities and the original restaurant that still seats up to 2,500 people.  Clearly this is a great place to bring many-an-event!