What a cool way to raise some money for an awesome nonprofit... order a photo booth and get a-cheesin' at your party!

We love getting to help awesome groups like this reach their monetary goals to help those in need.  And The Ferrari Kid is totally a great cause!  Thank you Dona Morrow for including us.

The Ferrari Kid

Founded by a man named Manny, this nonprofit seeks to help kids who undergo extreme medical conditions the chance to feel like rockstars.  Manny endured 48 surgeries in the span of 3 1/2 years beginning at just age 7.  One thing that stood out to him was when he finally had to go to a plastic surgeon, saw a Ferrari, and the owner let him take a picture with it.  Now an adult, Manny seeks to help other children get that same feeling.

The way he does this is by offering services like a Ferrari ride, aa "red carpet experience," and paparazzi for a child.  This organization raises money each year to make as many kids feel special as possible.  There is a nomination tab on their site for a child you may know that deserves the rock star treatment, and a gallery of past events that changed lives.  Smiling is often undervalued - and Manny seeks to create as many positive outcomes as possible by simply making kids feel special!