Who said school reunions were just for high school?  It's not like you want to see those people again that much anyway, right? ;)

UT Law knew that their students made long-standing friendships that go well into their working professional years.  And they ordered a photo booth from us to help capture the fun of the meet-up!

Look at those law ladies!  So much fun.  This party was hosted right in the UT Law building and was a great night for all!  Thanks for calling us up, MacKenzie Jackson!

UT Law

The University of Texas at Austin boasts many top spots in the nation for its programs.  UT Law is no exception!  Consistently ranked in the top public school programs and even overall schools for law in the country, UT serves a rigorous program to its students for a fraction of the cost of other schools.  The New York Times even states it as being in the ranks among Yale and Harvard for programming and lack of debt upon graduating.  Plus, the students get to be in Austin!  The weather here sure beats the northeast any day.  For top of the line academics, UT's high standards don't stop with undergrad.  These law students will be ready to take on some top firms and cases once they've finished their time here.  Hook 'em, right?