What?  Us?  We're totally innocent animals that found this shiny open-air booth to stand in for a minute!  No prom-attending students here!

Just kidding, these lovely ladies had a fabulous time at their prom with St. Stephen's High a few weeks ago!  The open-air booth made it perfect to capture their lovely outfits, too.  Thanks for bringing us into the students' special night, Robyn!  The Headliners Club was the perfect place for it and there were smiles all around. :)

The Headliners Club

You won't find many places like this one!  Located on the 21st floor of the Chase tower and now 62 years old, The Headliners Club hosts members of the Headliners Foundation nonprofit organization for the majority of its time.  Guests can enjoy special events and even hold some activities (like prom!) in the Club.  The Club members also work to regularly reward talented journalists in the town and grant scholarships annually to the University of Texas students.  Talk about a good time for a good cause!