Who?  Who-who-who?

Sorry.  That song is still a mystery hit... but having dogs in the photo booth is no mystery hit at all!  Look at those smiles from the canine and owner!

Such a sly little pupper... we love our doggos, for sure!  Firehouse Animal Health Center showed off their furry friends last week at their home facility and it was fun for all species and breeds.  Thank you to Jennifer Dundee for the awesome idea to include us!  How'd you show love for your best friend on four legs this weekend?

Firehouse Animal Health Center

Firehouse is an animal care center in Westlake offering full-range health examinations and treatments for your pets.  They focus on getting the people involved in helping their animals live as long and as happily as possible, while taking a wellness approach to the animals' health.  Anything from necessary surgeries to health promotion and disease prevention like dietary counseling and dentistry can be found here!  Those furry children of yours will thrive with Firehouse's care and help for both you as a parent and your pets.  Check them out and see how they can improve life for you both!