Our photo booths bring happiness to whatever event they're invited to.  Just look at these two cheesin' it up at the Lone Star Circle of Care nonprofit event that went down at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown last week!

If that's not good fun, we don't know what is!  Their props even compliment each other so perfectly.  We love seeing the best brought out in people when they get in front of a camera, especially at events that benefit a cause like Lone Star Circle of Care.  Big thank-you to Raquel Luna for bringing us north to be in on this one!

Lone Star Circle of Care

Serving as a non-profit "safety net" to central Texans, Lone Star Circle of Care (LSCC) is an extremely well-rounded health services organization committed to serving underinsured patients.  LSCC is supported by numerous partners and grantors who see the need of those that don't have enough health coverage to meet their health requirements.  By providing services from pediatrics to senior care, dental to behavioral and general medicine, LSCC ensures that those without insurance don't have to be without access to doctors.  This is a truly revolutionary organization that is changing the way health care works, all thanks to events and donors like this one!