Who says you need to hire a professional photographer to get some quality snaps of you and the kids?  Haylee Payne's friends at her wedding sure figured out how to make the most of her Say Cheese! photo booth while at her reception last week.

Would you look at that!  They squeezed everyone in and got a precious photo.  It's stuff like this that really makes our hearts warm! 

Thank you to Haylee and her new spouse for bringing us to Stone Hall at Texas Old Town for their special day.  We were so happy to help capture it for years of memories!

Texas Old Town

This place is a mega-hill country venue!  Boasting 4 different "halls" on its property, Texas Old Town has a place for everyone's tastes by decorating each one differently.  This particular wedding was hosted in Stone Hall, with high ceilings geared toward luxury in the heart of the Lone Star State.  Long rental times, a variety of amenities packages, and great parking all make Texas Old Town a definite front-runner in the world of Hill Country Venues for a variety of events. Give them a call or visit for your next big day - be it a wedding, family reunion, or big celebration.