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You WISH your weekend looked this good!

The Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center just really knew what they were doing at their party a few weeks back...

...we can't help but to keep fawning!

Your weekend could look just as epic in a photo booth.  Give us a holler today to bring us out to your next get-together, and keep memories like this forever!

Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

This place has been around in Fort Hood since World War II, giving it a rich history of service that not many medical centers can boast.  Since its humble beginnings, the center has grown to service hundreds of thousands of active-duty soldiers as well as their families and veterans.  Handling over 4,000 emergency visits per day alone, the CRDAMC can use all the help it can get. That's why they throw fundraisers like the one we got to go to - community is vitally important to supporting such an efficient and large service hospital!  We are extremely grateful for the clinicians who work there to serve their country daily.



Happy birthday from a photo booth, America!

We wish we would have had an Early Warning about how awesome Early Warning Services was going to look in our open air booth last week!  

Was your Independence Day even close to being as cool as this corporate party?  If your host was as smart as Crystal Thomas, they got a photo booth and it surely was just as epic.  We hope y'all had a safe and fun long weekend celebrating this awesome country... and hey, now the work week is already half-over!  Not a bad birthday party at all, America.  ;)

Early Warning Services

Early Warning is a payment risk solution company working with financial institutions to ensure the safety of transactions.  Their focus is to "create value through collaboration" and that's clearly evident in how they treat their happy employees!  The company serves thousands of other institutions nationwide and has a branch here in central Texas.  If your company needs financial transaction protection, give Early Warning Services a ring!



Smile for a great cause on World Refugee Day!

Say Cheese! was so thrilled to work with The Red Cross on World Refugee Day at the Bob Bullock Museum.  It was a day celebrating the good we can do in the world together, for sure!

We stood with these lovely ladies, and many other beautiful people, to be #WithRefugees to bring awareness to this cause headed by the Red Cross.  We are very thankful to Reihaneh Hajibeiji for calling us to join in for this wonderful day of awareness.

World Refugee Day

The UN Secretary General António Guterres described this day, June 20th, as being "about sharing a global responsibility based... on the broad idea of our common humanity."  The #WithRefugees petition campaign began in 2016 to show governments that they support those forced to flee.  The hashtag was used this year to continue that support and awareness.  



County Line on the Lake loves our photo booths!

Andrea Cornelison knew what she was doing when she planned a Bat Mitzvah at County Line on the Lake last week.  Look at those kiddos cheesin' it up!

We love hopping in on events at places like County Line - they are Austin originals, just like us!  Good food, good friends, and great pictures.  That's a way to remember an event like a Bat Mitzvah, for sure!

County Line on the Lake

This is more than just a barbecue place.  County Line is also an event venue, winning awards such as the 2015 Best of Austin Wedding award.  This has been a go-to place for locals to bring their families for years, sitting just off of Lake Austin on Bull Creek.  Get ya some good Texas barbecue, a cold beer or margarita, and feed the catfish on the dock while you wait for your order!  Call about event hosting, too.



A new band is formed in a wedding photo booth!

Did we just witness the gathering of the next Paramore?  It sure seems like that's what happened in our open-air booth at Aria Meghini's wedding last week!

They're such a good-looking trio already... just wait until they write the next hit! ;)

Big thank you to Aria for bringing us to Campy Lucy for her special day.  It's always a fun venue and having a photo booth to capture the day is just the cherry on top!

Camp Lucy

Located in beautiful Dripping Springs, Texas, Camp Lucy is all about luxury at their venues.  Yes, there are multiple facilities on the property.  Offering anything from weddings to corporate events, this place works to bring the magic to whatever you need to plan.  There is a chapel as well as lodging on-site, allowing for ease of mind if you are coming to the Hill Country from far away.  You've got a place to stay and a church to be wed in, if you wish.  They boast a slew of recognition from many different organizations, including The Knot, for being stellar at what they do.  If you get a chance, get yourself out there for your next event!  You won't be disappointed in the location or the services.



Smiles as big as the Lone Star!

Our photo booths bring happiness to whatever event they're invited to.  Just look at these two cheesin' it up at the Lone Star Circle of Care nonprofit event that went down at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown last week!

If that's not good fun, we don't know what is!  Their props even compliment each other so perfectly.  We love seeing the best brought out in people when they get in front of a camera, especially at events that benefit a cause like Lone Star Circle of Care.  Big thank-you to Raquel Luna for bringing us north to be in on this one!

Lone Star Circle of Care

Serving as a non-profit "safety net" to central Texans, Lone Star Circle of Care (LSCC) is an extremely well-rounded health services organization committed to serving underinsured patients.  LSCC is supported by numerous partners and grantors who see the need of those that don't have enough health coverage to meet their health requirements.  By providing services from pediatrics to senior care, dental to behavioral and general medicine, LSCC ensures that those without insurance don't have to be without access to doctors.  This is a truly revolutionary organization that is changing the way health care works, all thanks to events and donors like this one! 



Birthdays at the Marina are better in a photo booth!

Who said water can't get close to the cameras?  We might not have water-proof equipment, but our open-air booths are great for setup near the lake for celebrations like the 13th & 14th birthday party Karen Scott organized at Austin Marina!

Those girls sure look like they had fun!  There's tons of room in booths like this to fit more friends... with a big party like this, is there really any other way to go? ;)

Whatever you're doing this weekend, it could be made better with a photo booth.  Give us a call about your next event so we can help you take it to the next level!



Emojis come to life in a photo booth!

Eanes Elementary had their end-of-the-year parties a few weeks ago to help their kiddos kick off summer.  Only... Holy Mace Massingill's third graders look a little different than we remember from 3rd grade!

Man, the digital world is coming into the third dimension!  We're so glad these girls peeked around from their emojis and phones for a minute to shine those pearly whites at our photo booth.  Their teacher sure knew how to keep the party going by calling us in!  Thank you for letting us join in on the fun pre-somer activities.



Say Cheese, it's almost Friday!

Even vikings become friends with cute little bunny rabbits on Thursdays!

The good cheer is beginning to boil up and this great little photo is a testament to that.  Corporate parties are a lot more fun than just working with your coworkers.  Call us today to see how you can be like the happy people over at Solarwinds, who knew exactly how to make the office more fun!

Teri Fontes knew what she was doing when she planned this shindig a few weeks ago.  Be like Teri.  Bring a photo booth to the mix and smile at the outcome!


This is a huge IT management company with offices located all over the world.  They focus on helping companies run their technological side as efficiently as possible.  From security help to database management, Solarwinds offers a wide range of services.  They're even conveniently available online for most of the issues you may be having!  As a company that values safety and efficiency, no wonder they let the whole family in on their parties.  More time saved means more time with those who truly matter - a great company value!



Photo booths make for a sweet time!

These two are doing it right.  We're not really sure how their shirts got like that, but they've got candy and a photo booth?  They're living the life!

We wish middle school had been this fun for us!  Maureen Staloch knew her guests well when she called us to help with her house party last week.  Those photo strips sure were full of crazy shenanigans like this one!

Thanks, Maureen, for bringing Say Cheese! to your party.  Remember, if you have an event coming up, we would be a great call for entertainment!  Big or small, groups love a good photo booth to smile and goof off in.  Fun times + memories to last = recipe for party success!  Have a great weekend, Cheesers!