Who let the dogs in... the photo booth?

Who?  Who-who-who?

Sorry.  That song is still a mystery hit... but having dogs in the photo booth is no mystery hit at all!  Look at those smiles from the canine and owner!

Such a sly little pupper... we love our doggos, for sure!  Firehouse Animal Health Center showed off their furry friends last week at their home facility and it was fun for all species and breeds.  Thank you to Jennifer Dundee for the awesome idea to include us!  How'd you show love for your best friend on four legs this weekend?

Firehouse Animal Health Center

Firehouse is an animal care center in Westlake offering full-range health examinations and treatments for your pets.  They focus on getting the people involved in helping their animals live as long and as happily as possible, while taking a wellness approach to the animals' health.  Anything from necessary surgeries to health promotion and disease prevention like dietary counseling and dentistry can be found here!  Those furry children of yours will thrive with Firehouse's care and help for both you as a parent and your pets.  Check them out and see how they can improve life for you both!



Prom season brought to you in a photo booth

What?  Us?  We're totally innocent animals that found this shiny open-air booth to stand in for a minute!  No prom-attending students here!

Just kidding, these lovely ladies had a fabulous time at their prom with St. Stephen's High a few weeks ago!  The open-air booth made it perfect to capture their lovely outfits, too.  Thanks for bringing us into the students' special night, Robyn!  The Headliners Club was the perfect place for it and there were smiles all around. :)

The Headliners Club

You won't find many places like this one!  Located on the 21st floor of the Chase tower and now 62 years old, The Headliners Club hosts members of the Headliners Foundation nonprofit organization for the majority of its time.  Guests can enjoy special events and even hold some activities (like prom!) in the Club.  The Club members also work to regularly reward talented journalists in the town and grant scholarships annually to the University of Texas students.  Talk about a good time for a good cause!



Weddings aren't just for show, ya know!

But what about at wedding shows?  We really don't know anymore.  Either way, we do know that show or not, your event is made better with a photo booth involved!

Holy cow, look at those lights fly!  These ladies with the Wedding Network were not fooling around in our open-air light capture booth last week at their wedding show.  Brodie Homestead hosted and was a wonderful venue, as always!  Thanks for the smiles, y'all!

Brodie Homestead

A new wedding venue to the central Texas area, Brodie opened in 2014 and has offered its rustic elegance to many events since.  The main ballroom is in a barn that has been decorated beautifully with 6 chandeliers and can be modified to accommodate a range of party sizes.  From corporate events, wedding shows (like this one!), weddings, receptions and more - Brodie is a unique place to hold your next celebration.  Even better, all of their information is easily found on their beautifully easy website.  Check them out for your next event!



UT Law Reunites in a Photo Booth!

Who said school reunions were just for high school?  It's not like you want to see those people again that much anyway, right? ;)

UT Law knew that their students made long-standing friendships that go well into their working professional years.  And they ordered a photo booth from us to help capture the fun of the meet-up!

Look at those law ladies!  So much fun.  This party was hosted right in the UT Law building and was a great night for all!  Thanks for calling us up, MacKenzie Jackson!

UT Law

The University of Texas at Austin boasts many top spots in the nation for its programs.  UT Law is no exception!  Consistently ranked in the top public school programs and even overall schools for law in the country, UT serves a rigorous program to its students for a fraction of the cost of other schools.  The New York Times even states it as being in the ranks among Yale and Harvard for programming and lack of debt upon graduating.  Plus, the students get to be in Austin!  The weather here sure beats the northeast any day.  For top of the line academics, UT's high standards don't stop with undergrad.  These law students will be ready to take on some top firms and cases once they've finished their time here.  Hook 'em, right?



The Ferrari Kid gets charitable in a photo booth

What a cool way to raise some money for an awesome nonprofit... order a photo booth and get a-cheesin' at your party!

We love getting to help awesome groups like this reach their monetary goals to help those in need.  And The Ferrari Kid is totally a great cause!  Thank you Dona Morrow for including us.

The Ferrari Kid

Founded by a man named Manny, this nonprofit seeks to help kids who undergo extreme medical conditions the chance to feel like rockstars.  Manny endured 48 surgeries in the span of 3 1/2 years beginning at just age 7.  One thing that stood out to him was when he finally had to go to a plastic surgeon, saw a Ferrari, and the owner let him take a picture with it.  Now an adult, Manny seeks to help other children get that same feeling.

The way he does this is by offering services like a Ferrari ride, aa "red carpet experience," and paparazzi for a child.  This organization raises money each year to make as many kids feel special as possible.  There is a nomination tab on their site for a child you may know that deserves the rock star treatment, and a gallery of past events that changed lives.  Smiling is often undervalued - and Manny seeks to create as many positive outcomes as possible by simply making kids feel special!



The Oasis knows how to birthday party!

"Birthday party" is a verb, right? ;)

Well, The Oasis out on Lake Travis in Austin knows how to do it right.  Heather Lucy Jenkins called us up to join in on the fun for her birthday celebration last week and we were not disappointed!  Clearly her guests weren't, either.  After all, how could you be sad in front of a photo booth?

We'll take a day on the lake with happy friends any day!  Thanks for calling us, Lucy!

The Oasis

Located on Lake Travis with its famous sunset view, The Oasis has been a staple Austin restaurant since it opened in 1982.  The sunsets did not go unnoticed and by 2005, The Oasis was the biggest restaurant in Texas!  Unfortunately, that was the year the famous Oasis fire happened and devastated the restaurant.  It managed to continue operating while remodeling occurred to fix the damage from the flames, and the owner ended up expanding the restaurant to an entire "Sunset Capital" experience.  It is now 4 stories, complete with banquet areas and entertainment facilities and the original restaurant that still seats up to 2,500 people.  Clearly this is a great place to bring many-an-event!



House parties need photo booths, too!

Who said you had to go anywhere to use a booth?  Not us!  Irma Brand decided to throw a birthday party at home a few weeks ago and called us right in to spice things up.  It sure looks like a success to us!

Those smiles look just as big as their glasses.  We're so happy to cater to all sorts of gatherings - just give us a call and we'll talk it out with you! :)



Photo booth chillin'

How is it already getting so HOT here in central Texas?  Come on now, it's not even officially summer yet.

Luckily we've got a lot of cool people taking pictures in our booths lately... like these two down at Texas State University last week.

Super chill, man.

Major thanks to Cynthia Emery for calling us to San Marcos to take pictures of students for the day!  It was clearly a great way to shake things up on campus.

Texas State University

Formerly known as Southwest Texas State, this university has been around since 1899 to serve its students with great educational opportunities.  Located in San Marcos, Texas, it is the halfway point on I-35 between Austin and San Antonio.  But San Marcos has it's own attractions, from TX State football games to floating the local river.  The University offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees as well as post-grad programs ranked at the top of their specialty in the country.  No wonder people come from all over the world to be a Bobcat!



Prom game strong in a photo booth!

You know it's really the end of the semester when prom season is in full swing.  What a fun last hoorah for the seniors going on to bigger and better things after high school!

Clearly the attendees of Rouse High School's prom had an enchanting time!  See what we did there? ;)

At a hotel like the Renaissance, it's no wonder this theme fit perfectly.  That ballroom has hosted many a prom and Keli McCabe knew just who to call to capture the evening.  Thank you for letting us join in on the fun!

The Renaissance Hotel

Part of the Marriott Hotel family, the Renaissance is the center of attention in the arboretum of North Austin.  Surrounded by delicious restaurants and shopping while presenting its own fine dining and entertainment, this place is a great location to stay while visiting town without dealing with downtown.  They also boast some pretty awesome ballrooms and event-hosting areas, as showcased by the number of school proms and wedding receptions held there.  It is close both to the Domain shopping center as well as downtown attractions such as the University of Texas and 6th Street.  Whatever you need, this place probably has it!



Hook. 'em. Horns.

The University of Texas' Greek chapters are in full swing with formal season, and Delta Gamma sorority was no exception to that a few weeks ago!

Though the university is in the news for some sad things this week, it is incredible to see the community rally around their common burnt orange roots and stand strong in these trying times. Say Cheese! would like to offer its condolences to the suffering friends and family of the man who was lost yesterday.  Stand strong and remember that the Eyes of Texas are always upon us!