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Family photos - waaaaay cheaper in a wedding photo booth! ;)

Who says you need to hire a professional photographer to get some quality snaps of you and the kids?  Haylee Payne's friends at her wedding sure figured out how to make the most of her Say Cheese! photo booth while at her reception last week.

Would you look at that!  They squeezed everyone in and got a precious photo.  It's stuff like this that really makes our hearts warm! 

Thank you to Haylee and her new spouse for bringing us to Stone Hall at Texas Old Town for their special day.  We were so happy to help capture it for years of memories!

Texas Old Town

This place is a mega-hill country venue!  Boasting 4 different "halls" on its property, Texas Old Town has a place for everyone's tastes by decorating each one differently.  This particular wedding was hosted in Stone Hall, with high ceilings geared toward luxury in the heart of the Lone Star State.  Long rental times, a variety of amenities packages, and great parking all make Texas Old Town a definite front-runner in the world of Hill Country Venues for a variety of events. Give them a call or visit for your next big day - be it a wedding, family reunion, or big celebration.  



A new band is formed in a wedding photo booth!

Did we just witness the gathering of the next Paramore?  It sure seems like that's what happened in our open-air booth at Aria Meghini's wedding last week!

They're such a good-looking trio already... just wait until they write the next hit! ;)

Big thank you to Aria for bringing us to Campy Lucy for her special day.  It's always a fun venue and having a photo booth to capture the day is just the cherry on top!

Camp Lucy

Located in beautiful Dripping Springs, Texas, Camp Lucy is all about luxury at their venues.  Yes, there are multiple facilities on the property.  Offering anything from weddings to corporate events, this place works to bring the magic to whatever you need to plan.  There is a chapel as well as lodging on-site, allowing for ease of mind if you are coming to the Hill Country from far away.  You've got a place to stay and a church to be wed in, if you wish.  They boast a slew of recognition from many different organizations, including The Knot, for being stellar at what they do.  If you get a chance, get yourself out there for your next event!  You won't be disappointed in the location or the services.



When you have a photo booth at the reception...

Your guests will definitely approve.  Just ask Megan Cleary's crew!

Yep, that looks like a good sign to us!  These folks had a blast at Megan's wedding at Hamilton Twelve.  At such a wonderful venue with such great friends, how could you go wrong?

We love capturing these memories.  Wedding season is in full-swing and we would love to be your go-to company for all things photo booth!  Give us a call to see how we can get you and your guests Saying Cheese on your special day.

Hamilton Twelve

This beautiful venue is now celebrating 15 years of operation in the Hill Country as a wedding venue.  They host other events as well, but their special attention to weddings makes it just that much more special to be catered to on your special day!  There are many benefits to holding your wedding here, including the on-site food, flowers, photography, and linens readily available for their patrons!  There's even a food truck, if you want to go more modern.  Boasting numerous past client testimonials, it's clear they leave their guests happy long after the event ends!



Wedding guests LOVE our photo booths!

Did you have a good long weekend?  We know we sure did!  Thank you to all of those who have served our country in order to make celebrations like that possible.  It truly cannot be matched.

Families like this one remind us about all the good we have here in the ol' U. S. of A.  Look at the pearly whites on these wedding guests at Audrey & Travis' wedding two weeks ago!

We know that what we do is a small thing compared to the greatness of those who have served in our armed forces to allow these matrimonies to happen, but we're so happy we get to have our own part in the magic somehow!  Congratulations to Audrey & Travis.  Your wedding at Barton Creek Resort was one to remember, and now you'll have photo evidence for a lifetime! ;)

Barton Creek Resort

With the ability to host both the actual wedding ceremony and the reception, Barton Creek Resort & Spa owned by Omni is a great place to look at for versatility when it comes to wedding venues.  It is located in the famous Austin Hill Country and holds several different ballrooms, atriums, and pavilions for a variety of options on where to host each part of your special day.  And, since it's a hotel, you and your guests don't need to worry about getting home afterwards!  You'll have a safe and luxurious bed to fall into just a few doors or floors away, where you can recharge from the commotion of throwing a wedding.  If you're looking in the Austin area for a place to say "I do," definitely give Barton Creek Resort & Spa a look!



Weddings aren't just for show, ya know!

But what about at wedding shows?  We really don't know anymore.  Either way, we do know that show or not, your event is made better with a photo booth involved!

Holy cow, look at those lights fly!  These ladies with the Wedding Network were not fooling around in our open-air light capture booth last week at their wedding show.  Brodie Homestead hosted and was a wonderful venue, as always!  Thanks for the smiles, y'all!

Brodie Homestead

A new wedding venue to the central Texas area, Brodie opened in 2014 and has offered its rustic elegance to many events since.  The main ballroom is in a barn that has been decorated beautifully with 6 chandeliers and can be modified to accommodate a range of party sizes.  From corporate events, wedding shows (like this one!), weddings, receptions and more - Brodie is a unique place to hold your next celebration.  Even better, all of their information is easily found on their beautifully easy website.  Check them out for your next event!



Photo booth or kiss cam?

Sometimes it's hard even for us to tell...

But like, that means they love our booths, right?

Just look at those smiles... yeah, that's totally it!  Saying Cheese must just bring out the best in people! :)

When to call us

Weddings.  Birthdays.  Anniversaries.  Holidays.  Corporate events.  House parties.  Random days when you're bored and want something unique to enjoy.  

Does that give you a good idea?  ;)  

We believe any event, special day, or just ordinary fun deserves to have its memories captured in a photo strip.  These cute couple pictures are proof of what we can bring out in people: love, happiness, silliness, and a piece of the even that will last for years to come.  Give us a call today to snag a booth for your next get together - large or small!



Monkey see a photo booth, monkey do take pictures!

These two Curious Georges found us at their friend's wedding a few weeks ago and couldn't keep their snooping at bay!  Hopefully the camera was a cool discovery...

We love getting to capture your moments from all sorts of events... weddings to proms to graduations, there's a lot going on in the spring and we can bring a booth to 'em all!  Give us a call today and find out how to Say Cheese at your next event. :)



Have you booked a photo booth yet?

Well... if your answer was "no..." this is going to be awkward for a minute.

These guys know what we're talking about!  Just ask Debbie Sumner's wedding guests at Pecan Springs Ranch - whatever the occasion, you'll be bringing your event to the next level when you book us to help celebrate.  Photo booths and the photo strips you get to keep are awesome memorabilia for years to come!  Just give us a call or email today to talk about your next setup.  And thanks to Debbie for already making that call!

Pecan Springs Ranch

Originally purchased to be a family property, the owners have opened this piece of land to the public as an event venue for all to enjoy.  The goal of the decor and buildings is to remain as natural as possible - reclaimed wood as doors, an 1800's cabin that has been preserved, and every original fireplace from the first buildings located there.  Host a variety of events right in the main building, which uses salvaged pieces of wood from the recent Bastrop fires on the main trusses.  This venue truly works to bring out the beauty in all things, new and old.  Check them out and see how they can make your big day special!



Photo booth PDA

Okay, as much as people may complain about PDA (public displays of affection, of course!) this picture is way too cute.  And it's not super public if they're in a photo booth, right? ;)

Yeah, this is totally acceptable.  They're just spreading the love for their friends on their wedding day!  Cecily Grimmit had us at her wedding reception last weekend and it sure was a blast.  Green Pastures was a beautiful venue and clearly the guests loved the night, too!

Green Pastures

An Austin event venue for nearly 75 years, Green Pastures has worked to provide a unique experience to those hosting their events with them.  Anything from corporate events to weddings and receptions are a "go," and this venue truly is a gem!  They have an on-site restaurant that operates farm-to-table style and can serve guests anywhere on the property.  That takes care of your catering worries!  And, coming in 2018, the grounds will open a hotel as the first major construction to occur on the property in 50 years.  With this new amenity, Green Pastures will truly be a one-stop location for you event, no matter where you call home!



Wedding memories made in a photo booth!

The little one in this photo may not really "get" the whole wedding thing just yet, but man oh man does she know how to have fun with her momma!  Those animal props definitely help make this picture even cuter. 

Antebellum Oaks Wedding

This beautiful wedding was at Antebellum Oaks two weekends ago, and was a great celebration of love and good times.  Much laughter, much food, many awesome pictures!  Thank you to Morgane Le Marchand for calling us to join the reception for her special day.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness with your new spouse!

Antebellum Oaks

Working to "celebrate life events," this lovely venue is located in Lakeway, just west of Austin.  They offer a host of amenities ranging from both indoor and outdoor venues, spacious areas under large oak trees, and even staff on-site to help run your event.  Catering to a large range of celebrations is also a plus: they host weddings, fundraisers, corporate parties and more.  The convenient location that seems like an escape is perfect for your next large event, whatever that may be!  They even have an awesome parking setup.  Oh yeah.