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Have you booked a photo booth yet?

Well... if your answer was "no..." this is going to be awkward for a minute.

These guys know what we're talking about!  Just ask Debbie Sumner's wedding guests at Pecan Springs Ranch - whatever the occasion, you'll be bringing your event to the next level when you book us to help celebrate.  Photo booths and the photo strips you get to keep are awesome memorabilia for years to come!  Just give us a call or email today to talk about your next setup.  And thanks to Debbie for already making that call!

Pecan Springs Ranch

Originally purchased to be a family property, the owners have opened this piece of land to the public as an event venue for all to enjoy.  The goal of the decor and buildings is to remain as natural as possible - reclaimed wood as doors, an 1800's cabin that has been preserved, and every original fireplace from the first buildings located there.  Host a variety of events right in the main building, which uses salvaged pieces of wood from the recent Bastrop fires on the main trusses.  This venue truly works to bring out the beauty in all things, new and old.  Check them out and see how they can make your big day special!



Photo booth PDA

Okay, as much as people may complain about PDA (public displays of affection, of course!) this picture is way too cute.  And it's not super public if they're in a photo booth, right? ;)

Yeah, this is totally acceptable.  They're just spreading the love for their friends on their wedding day!  Cecily Grimmit had us at her wedding reception last weekend and it sure was a blast.  Green Pastures was a beautiful venue and clearly the guests loved the night, too!

Green Pastures

An Austin event venue for nearly 75 years, Green Pastures has worked to provide a unique experience to those hosting their events with them.  Anything from corporate events to weddings and receptions are a "go," and this venue truly is a gem!  They have an on-site restaurant that operates farm-to-table style and can serve guests anywhere on the property.  That takes care of your catering worries!  And, coming in 2018, the grounds will open a hotel as the first major construction to occur on the property in 50 years.  With this new amenity, Green Pastures will truly be a one-stop location for you event, no matter where you call home!