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Fun in the sun(ny photo booth flash)

Not a very good run-on sentence?  Sorry.  We were too busy grinning at these giant smiles on the kids' faces from Anne Edwards' birthday party last week.

Those kiddos sure know how to rock a group look!  We love seeing the creativity put into our props... especially when all different ones come together to form a solid "look!"  Great ideas, y'all! ;)

A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Anne and a THANK YOU to her as well for inviting us to her house for the celebration.  You don't even need to leave home to join in on the photo booth fun!

We hope your weekend is just as fun as this... if it's 3 days, that means 3x the chances for a good time!  



Photo booth pic-ception!

Oh man... this is by far one of the most creative reels we've had to date.  There is a picture within the pictures.  And the picture is doing the same thing as the picture within the pictures.  What?

Looks like Teri Fontes' guests at the Solarwinds corporate party win best-planned photos of the week!!  The whole crew had a blast at the Dell Diamond for this party and we loved chipping in on  the good times.  Thanks for calling us, Teri!

The Dell Diamond

This is a baseball field home to the Round Rock Express minor league baseball team.  Holding several bars and party suites attached to the stadium, the Dell Diamond is able to host all sorts of events from concerts to parties to, well, baseball games of course!  This venue is located between Round Rock and Hutto just north of Austin and is a local favorite for a place to get out of the city and enjoy America's favorite pastime.  Check this place out for your next event - you'd be surprised by the versatility of the stadium!