Photo Booth Kiss

Photo booth or kiss cam?

Sometimes it’s hard even for us to tell… But like, that means they love our booths, right? Just look at those smiles… yeah, that’s totally it!  Saying Cheese must just bring out the best in people! 🙂 When to call us Weddings.  Birthdays.  Anniversaries.  Holidays.  Corporate events.  House parties.  Random days when you’re bored and…

Sassy & Sweet

Who says you have to be just one? These girls sure showed us how it’s done… all through an awesome friendship, too!  Murchison Junior High had an awesome time with us last weekend, all thanks to Emily Gunning’s plans to put us together for their school dance.  What fun!

What is even happening?

This picture defines “crazy kiddos,” in our opinion. It looks like they had a grand old time with us up in Plano last weekend for Dana Eisenberg’s birthday!  We sure had fun with them, too! Thanks to Dana for inviting us to her big day.  The Marriott Legacy was a great time!

Should we be worried…?

I think this needs to be reported somewhere… that guy’s face mask looks familiar… Why doesn’t he like the other two guys’ glasses?  They look pretty rad to me! Martha Pigott made the right call when she invited us to her son’s 15th birthday party at their house in Sunnyside.  Clearly the boys enjoyed themselves…

Here’s your sign

Anyone catch that reference from the Jeff Foxworthy Show?  Just me?  K.  Cool. Anyway, these girls win goofiest picture sequence of the week.  We don’t blame you ladies, Chuy’s makes us giddy, too! Thank you Betsy Leidal for thinking of us when you put together the 30th birthday celebration for Chuys on Lamar!  We love…