Sassy & Sweet

Who says you have to be just one? These girls sure showed us how it’s done… all through an awesome friendship, too!  Murchison Junior High had an awesome time with us last weekend, all thanks to Emily Gunning’s plans to put us together for their school dance.  What fun!


You can usually tell how far into a relationship two people are by the faces they make at each other. Yeah, these two are either soul mates or lifelong friends!  That’s some Snapchat-level face making, for sure.  None of that Instagram crap here! 😉 Thanks to David and Shilpa for having us at their wonderful…

Hard last name. Fun people!

Jason Kowalkowski had a STELLAR wedding to a few weeks ago.  Although the bride’s last name may be harder to spell now, the two lovebirds clearly don’t mind the stumbling because their love was obvious in the guests at the reception! What fun times!  Thanks to Teresa, the new bride’s mom, for getting us out…

Daddy’s girl

There have been SO MANY Greek life events at the University of Texas at Austin this semester – and they’re all so fun!  How about a throwback to February with Zeta Tau Alpha’s Dad’s Weekend? Looks like a longhorn family right there, y’all!  Thanks again to Hailey Bailey for inviting us to Rebel’s Saloon for…

I do!

…wish this night had lasted longer!  What a beautiful evening at the Westin in the Domain.   Purva made the right call when she dialed us up to join the reception of her wedding to Abey.  We definitely lit up the night!  Thanks and congratulations, Purva!

Teach ’em young

These parents are dong something right with kids who know how to work our masks like this! Lifetime Fitness sure knows how to host a company party – and Lindsey Ginko made the right call by ringing us up!  It was a blast for the whole family.  Thank you!


That’s the first thing we thought of, at least.  There’s gotta be someone yelling that in this picture from Jason & Teresa’s wedding last week. These ladies look like they had an awesome time, that’s for sure!  Congratulations to Jason and Teresa and thanks for calling us in to capture the special day’s festivities at…